Testimonials Pineapple green-cheeked conure eating BBFE sprouts.

BBFE! Testimonials

Our clients tell why  Best Bird Food Ever! are the best parrot sprouts Kings Row Pet Hospital LOVES Our Sprouting Blends As a vet, over the past 30 years, I have seen a wide range of parrots and other birds for a far-reaching variety of health problems. Over this time I have also become acutely…

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Our Sprouting Blends OSB Sprouts

Why I Created the BBFE

  I created the Best Bird Food Ever! (BBFE) because the ‘old way’ of feeding parrots: give a wide variety of foods, was killing my birds.   When birds first joined my family, in 1997, I belonged to three different bird clubs: RAAVE (Reno Area Avian Enthusiasts), Capitol City Bird Club, in Sacramento, CA; and…

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4 Part: Balanced Exotic Avian Maintenance Diet Food Plan

Only a balanced selection of foods that provides your flock a balance of nutrients can prevent or solve all your concerns: Promote Good Health Healthy Beak Shape (no trimming needed) Friendly and Happy Behaviors Calm Attitude Great Feather Condition Reverse Feather Destruction Behaviors Long, Healthy Life Get started today – feed Best Bird Food Ever!…

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Health & Nutrition Sample: a balanced meal for a pair of Crimson-winged parrots.

How  Does  Avian  Malnutrition  Harm  Your  Birds?

  Avian Malnutrition Defined In the avian veterinary textbook, Avian Medicine: Principles and Application, Patricia MacWhirter, DVM, explains, “Avian malnutrition [or undernutrition] can cause a specific problem or [completely] suppress a bird’s immune system.” Unless a parrot, or finch, receives the type and quantity of nutrients needed on a daily basis, malnutrition or undernutrition will result.…

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Malnutrition OSB Sprouts

Let’s End Avian Malnutrition!

  End Avian Malnutrition With Our ‘Balanced Exotic Avian  Food Plan’   The only way to End Avian Malnutrition for your birds is to feed them a specific combination and balance of foods everyday that provides these three things: 1. The hundreds of nutrients a parrot or finch must eat everyday must be in a…

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Health & Nutrition

Our Sprouting Blends Judged Best in UK

In the November, 2016,  issue of Parrots magazine Terry Goldsmith shares his sprouting experiences.   According to Terry, “There are many different varieties of sprouts on the market and it is essential to buy a good quality mix.” Terry continues, “I have used many brought from different sources, but have found Leslie Moran’s ‘Best Bird…

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The Secret to Improving Animal Behaviors

  Whether you’re working with a parrots, dog, cat, horse or Guinea pig there is one secret that works for improving behaviors in animals – acknowledging their sentience and self-awareness. . Sentience Defined The dictionary defines sentience as being able to perceive or feel things.  While self-awareness is the conscious knowledge of one’s own character,…

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Testimonials Pearly Conures, enjoying our sprouting blends.

Rosemary Low: Your Sprouting Mixes are Excellent!

February 17, 2012   Dear Leslie,   I found your sprouting mixes excellent. Indeed, when I spoke about Parrot Nutrition at the Think Parrots meeting, Mike Taylor of Northern Parrots told me he had a big rush on sprouting mixtures afterwards! One comment I received, was that the sprouted grains I showed in my photo…

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Feeding Parrots: Eliminating Reoccurring Yeast and Bacterial Infections

  This blog post contains a case study from Leslie’s column, ‘The Holistic Parrot’, that appeared in the October 2011, #165 issue of Parrots magazine.   Cycling Infections, Yeast & Bacteria Nutrition Transforms a Life . “The relationship with Lily, my Lilac Crowned Amazon, isn’t effortless like with my other parrots. Interacting with her takes a…

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