I developed the BBFE product line because my very own male Scarlet Chested grasskeet, named Corazon Lazuli, died right in front of me while at the vet during a blood draw.  A lack of vitamin K in his diet, that prevented his blood from clotting, caused his death. When this happened I was devastated with grief, but I knew I could not let his death be meaningless. I had bought him and his mate with the intention of breeding them. His mate had died of lymphoma a few weeks earlier.
Leslie and Elvis, Green-cheeked Conure.
Leslie and Elvis, Green-cheeked Conure.
Crimson-winged parrot, male.
Rainbow, male Crimson-winged parrot.


When Corazon died I had already become a successful Owl finch breeder. At that time I had 37 breeding flights and my birds parent-raised all their offspring. In 1998 this was an unheard of accomplishment for this species.  At that time I was known for selling bonded pairs of second and third generation, parent raised Owl finches.


After Corazon died I had been feeding my birds all the foods that were recommended by breeders and experienced hobbyists: a variety of dry seeds, sprouted seeds, nuts, pellets, fresh fruit and fresh raw or steamed vegetables. However, after Corazon’s death I knew there were serious problems with this type of random bird diet – it completely lacked balance. I knew I had to make changes.

Did you know that this type of diet is actually harming the birds we all love and care about? Why? Because these diets are missing essential nutrients vital for a parrot, or finch’s, good health and longevity. That was a tough lesson for me to learn.

Since 1982 my dogs and cats have been eating homemade raw diets that I made for them. In a flash, I realized that there was nothing available in the avian market that was comparable.

This epiphany turned my interest and my focus away from breeding and towards learning about how to feed all my birds the most balanced and wholesome nutrition possible. At that moment the Best Bird Food Ever! was born.

Green-cheeked Conure enjoys his BBFE Sprouts!
sprouting blend


So I tapped into my background in holistic animal nutrition.  My research led me to create my own sprouting blends for birds – the most nutritious and health producing bird food on the market today. Our sprouting blends are made from human-grade, certified organic, quality ingredients.  They are rich in enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and chelated minerals. And most importantly, they have been specifically formulated to have a balance of amino acids that provide Complete Protein. 

And now, fast forward twenty years—I’ve been a staff writer at Parrots magazine, since 2002, and my passion for ending avian malnutrition has led me to create the only, ‘Balanced Exotic Avian Food Plan’, available today. And this balanced food plan uses the BBFE Complete Protein Sprouting Blends as the foundational food in the food plan because of the wealth of nutrients it provides your birds.

The Best Bird Food Ever! is much more than just a sprouting blend, because this formula contains decades of personal research and embodies the wisdom of using food as medicine that goes back thousands of years.

Please join me in my goal to End Avian Malnutrition, for your flock and parrots and finches everywhere.

Leslie Moran

Holistic Animal Nutrition & Care Consultant