Learn Leslie’s recipes for success–feed balanced nutrition to your parrots and finches.


Bird-Friendly Raw Rose Hip Jam

Raw Rose Hip Jam for Parrots Looking for a healthy training treat for your parrot? You’ve found it! Our bird-friendly rose hip jam will tempt them all. . . . . .   1. Purchase organic, high quality, seed-free, dried rose hips.  Our Rosehips are Organic, Seedless, Cut & Sifted, perfect for making this Raw…

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Recipes BBFE mash.

Feeding Parrots: BBFE Mash

  Feeding Parrots: Feed this In Place of Pellets The Ideal Cooked Mash   Did you know that when cooked–NOT SPROUTED–the Best Bird Food Ever! (BBFE) Complete Protein Sprouting Blends make the perfect mash for your birds? I’ve been feeding this in place of pellets since 2013. In response to the numerous emails we’ve received…

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