Learn Leslie’s proven methods for being successful when introducing healthier new foods to you parrots.

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Be Successful: Parrots & New Foods – Part 2

Slip the New In With the Old One way of introducing sprouts and other new foods, such as fresh fruits and steamed or raw vegetables, is to mix them in with the existing food you’re feeding. Out of curiosity, your bird will being sampling the unfamiliar items, and you can gradually begin to decrease the…

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BehaviorNew Food Success

Be Successful: Parrots & New Foods – Part 1

If you have been encouraged to begin sprouting for your birds, congratulations! Now let’s look at options for helping you teach your parrots to eat the healthier foods you are offering them. If a bird is breeding, or feeding babies, dietary changes must be made slowly. . Your Thoughts On This Before we look at…

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