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More Foods to Never Feed Parrots

What Commonly Fed Foods Should Not be Fed to Birds? Red palm oil, dog and cat food, all parrot pellets, all synthetic bird vitamins, all food colorings, all non-organic foods, all dried (freeze dried, dehydrated foods), and all foods high in omega-6 essential fatty acids. . The foods listed in this article are commonly fed…

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Never Feed Parrots These Foods

Most parrots are omnivores, they can eat a wide variety of foods. But there are some common foods that you should never feed them. Do you know which foods are safe for your parrot and which ones are dangerous? Here we share a list of the foods to never feed parrots. You may be surprised!…

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Parrot Nutrition Essentials

Have you read Polly Want a Sprout? yet? If not, keep reading to learn what you are missing!   This book helped me understand Leslie’s tried and true recipe for healthy companion parrots – whatever their species. It uses readily available scientific data to discuss holistic solutions that anyone can benefit from. This book focuses on…

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FIRST Balanced Food Plan for Parrots

My “Balanced Food Plan for Parrots” is the first of its kind. And you can buy your copy now. Birds eat such a tiny amount of food so it is extremely important that each beak-full be packed with essential nutrients. My Balanced Food Plan uses my complete protein sprouting blend, Best Bird Food Ever!, as…

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Best Parrot Light: Must Know Info

      Did you know that instead of using potentially dangerous vitamin D3 supplements, that there is a simpler and easier way – using proper lighting, the best parrot light – to ensure your birds get this essential nutrient?         In Leslie’s Article, “Avian Lighting: Essential, Simple and Easy”, you’ll learn:…

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