Other Animals Feline Atopic Dermatitis

Feline Atopic Dermatitis-Cookie’s Recovery

How can I help heal my cat’s horrific skin condition – feline atopic dermatitis? The best way to achieve life-long results for feline atopic dermatitis is to use a holistic and nutritional approach that can help your cat heal from the inside out. First, feed a properly formulated homemade cat food that contains only whole,…

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HealingOther Animals Reiki

Reiki Animal Initiations

Reiki Animal Initiations The universal life energy present in all living beings is the healing force that is accessed when either giving or receiving a Reiki treatment. Since Reiki has the ability to affect healing on a mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual level the animals who have been initiated in Reiki are able to receive…

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Building Good Health

In a group of animals why will one develop symptoms of sickness or disease while the others remain healthy? When wanting to build good health knowing which things to avoid is equally as important as utilizing health promoting natural care methods. The information on this page applies to all animals – parrots and birds of…

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MalnutritionOther Animals Crimson-winged parrot, male.

What Is Holistic Health Care for Animals?

  There are as many different definitions describing holistic health care as there are people embracing its restorative capabilities.  My holistic approach for helping your parrots be as healthy and happy as possible includes these five areas: Use only foods, products and practices that properly support and nourish the body’s own natural healing processes. What…

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BehaviorOther Animals Hands-on-healing

Healing Emotional Upsets & Behavior Issues at the Source

  Using Animal Communication to Identify and Heal Behavior Issues x Although this story discusses a dog, the method of animal communication and healing described here is an effective method for facilitating emotional healing and resolving behavior issues for all types of animals: parrots, other birds, dogs, cats, horses and other exotics. When working to…

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Other AnimalsSupplements Liquid DMG

DMG – A Metabolic Miracle!

  Introducing DMG – Dimethlyglycine . Dimethlyglycine (DMG)  is an intricate part of animal and human metabolism. In biochemical terms it may described as an intermediary metabolite. Biochemically it occupies a central position in a cell’s metabolic pathway. (1)   This is why it can produce  a wide range of  positive effects in the body,…

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