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Steps for Healing Feather Destruction

There are many possible reasons behind a parrot’s feather destruction behavior. And to begin the healing journey along with your bird there are a series of aspects to cover first. To help you with that we have put together these steps for healing feather destruction! 1. Have an avian veterinary exam to rule out medical…

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Feather Destruction Quaker Parrot

Quaker Mutilation Syndrome (QMS)-Study

Do You Know Someone Struggling with QMS? (No Mutilation Photos in this Post) Rare Opportunity—Become Part of a Groundbreaking Study Background Leslie may have found a nutritional ‘cure’ for Quaker Mutilation Syndrome and other feather destruction behaviors. Leslie’s approach is 100% natural using only wholesome, organic, natural foods. In writing her articles for Parrots magazine…

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Feather Destruction

Over Preening vs Poor Feather Quality

 The parrot discussed in this blog post is a member of the Healthy Bird Project. What is ‘over preening’? Many people assume that parrots are just too rough with their feathers. As a result, poor nutrition is never identified as the true cause. Feathers grown from unbalanced nutrition produce poor feather quality. And this means…

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Feather DestructionMalnutrition Feather damage caused by malnutrition.

Avian Malnutrition and Feather Condition

This article appears in its entirety in the August 2019, issue #259 of Parrots magazine.       Did you know that your bird’s feather condition, ragged edges and improper coloring can be a sign of avian malnutrition, undernutrition or imbalanced nutrition? And what about beaks? Do you know anyone who regularly has their bird’s…

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Feather DestructionIn Harmony w/ Nature White-eyed Conure

About Healing Feather Destruction

Parrots are emotionally rich and diverse individuals. The work done to heal and resolve feather destruction exemplifies the uniqueness of each bird, of each situation, and of each individual’s remarkable healing capabilities. Parrots engage in feather destruction as a last resort in an attempt to cope with stress. What is ‘stressful’ to one individual may…

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