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Sprouting: Failed Attempts & Jar Size

If you are sprouting for only one parrot, this blog post will help you improve your success. Using too large a jar for the amount of BBFE! you sprout can cause failed attempts. An email from one of our customers: Hello Leslie, This morning will mark the third day of sprouting (I opened a new…

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Sprouting Q&A BBFE OSB

Dispelling Myths on Mung Bean Sprouts

From: Dave H. To: Critter Connection Subject: Re: Your Order has been Received Hi Leslie I’ve just been discussing sprouting seeds and someone said: “Don’t do it with mung beans though as they have to be done in the dark or they are very sour” He also said: “I sprouted some a few months ago…

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Sprouting Q&A The Best Bird Food Ever! Complete Protein Sprouting Blend and at 3 days growth-ready to feed.

Why $15.95 per pound?

  . This comes from the friend of a loyal customer:   . QUESTION I can buy the ingredients at my local market for $2.50 a pound … why should I buy your product for $15.95 a pound?   Thanks for your great questions. Let me explain.   Yes, anyone can pick up ingredients and…

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Health & NutritionSprouting Q&A GSE

GSE, Over 80 Labs Find it Safe and Effective

. According to Allan Sachs, DC, CCN, in his book, “ The Authoritative Guide to Grapefruit Seed Extract”, GSE is a broad spectrum product that has the ability to work against a wide range of organisms. Hundreds of laboratory tests have shown it is powerful, safe and effective against dangerous germs even when highly diluted.…

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Health & NutritionSprouting Q&A Sample of a 'Balanced' meal for a medium-sized parrot.

Feeding Parrots: Photos of Nutritious Meals

  I begin every personalized avian nutrition consultation by explaining the importance of having a properly formulated, properly grown sprouting blend make up at least 50 % of the bird’s diet.   When I say properly formulated and properly grown, I mean a sprouting blend that has been formulated to provide complete protein and on…

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Health & NutritionSprouting Q&A 1# and 5# Bags Original and Wheat

Sprouting Blend Ingredients – Original or Wheat-Free

x Sprouting Blend Ingredients All our Sprouting Blends have been especially formulated to provide the highest level of nutrition possible for your birds. Our proprietary formulas contain complete protein. x WHY FEED OUR SPROUTING BLENDS ? x Our Original Sprouting Blend – pictured here Contains a proprietary blend of 100% Organic Human-Grade quality ingredients: lentils,…

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Health & NutritionSprouting Q&A Crimson-winged Parrot, hen,

Feeding Parrots, Properly Grown Sprouts

x x For your birds to receive the highest level of nutrition possible from sprouts, the sprouting blends you use must have these three qualities. 1. Made from high quality certified organic ingredients. 2. Be well formulated to provide complete protein. 3. And must be able to grow for at least two to three days.…

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