Consultations Offered

Leslie offers consultations specifically designed to meet your needs. She has extensive experience in helping clients resolve, or stabilize, a variety of situations. These include avian health and wellness issues such as fatty liver disease, atherosclerosis, PBFD (psittacine beak and feather disease), arthritis, kidney disease, diabetes, all PDD. Leslie has an effective Balanced Food Plan and protocol for eliminating candida. Abnormal blood work values can be normalized through Leslie’s Balanced Food Plan that provides complete nutrition.

All avian disease conditions response well to Leslie’s Balanced Food Plans.

Leslie also has helped resolve feather destruction habits, can help improve inappropriate behaviors, and she can help a parrot recovery from the effects of emotional and physical trauma. Leslie’s personalized diet and nutritional plans for parrots and other birds provide the foundation for her work.

Balanced Nutrition is Essential

When you have a personalized consultation with Leslie she reviews everything you are feeding. You then receive specific information on where the foods you are now feeding fall short of providing your birds balanced nutrition. Avian malnutrition or under nutrition is always a medical emergency because even birds that have had favorable exams and blood work results from avian veterinarians have died unexpectedly.


Even though this website’s primary focus is avian health and well being Leslie is also well versed in providing balanced personalized recipes for dogs of all breeds. And her Feline Kidney Care cat food is available for sale to local Northern Nevada clients.


Consultations are done via email, FaceTime, telephone or US mail. Due to the time it takes to write everything down, email appointments do take longer. If you live in Northern Nevada you may arrange for Leslie to do an in-home consultation with your birds or other animals.


Scheduling a personalized consultation with Leslie is the best way to have a detailed and complete approach for resolving any type of issues with your bird.

Each consultation is prorated, you are only charged for the time spent working with your case. The fee is $1.50 per minute, or $90.00 per hour. Because of the detailed nature of this work a deposit of $180.00 is required. This covers the first two hours of the appointment. After this deposit has been received, you will be emailed a detailed list of information to provide Leslie, including photos. Shorter appointment times are prorated at a slightly higher per minute fee.

After all the information has been received from you, Leslie will begin reviewing everything and will create a personalized plan for your bird and their unique situation.


What if the client changes their mind? 

Once Leslie has completed the preparation work, that may utilize a portion of the two hours of time that the client has pre-paid — this amount is not refundable. 


Consultation Information For:

Health, Diet & Nutrition

The health, diet, and nutritional consultations Leslie provides have three parts: the Intake, the actual Work determining the best plan of action for your parrot, and the Conclusion.

Intake Information

This information can be sent in an email, or may be done over the telephone.  Sending an email, or letter, that discusses the situation saves time and money.

Please include fully body photos of your bird, their enclosure and living environment and their food dishes containing the food they are being fed. These may be sent via email.  Many clients make mini video recordings of their bird and any activities or behaviors you want Leslie to see. You can email these to us.

Existing Diet

During a health, diet and nutrition consultation it is important for us to review all the foods, snack foods and nutritional supplements you are now feeding.  If packaged food, snacks or treats are fed, please send the ingredient list for all these items.  It saves time if you copy this information into the body of an email, or send it as a PDF file. If you provide links to product and ingredient information this takes more time, and uses more time from your consultation.

Present Health Condition

If symptoms are present please include information regarding your veterinarian’s diagnosis.  Describe the history of the symptoms you have observed along with a time table explaining the progression.  If you have had recent blood work done, or other diagnostic tests, please have this emailed to us.

Personal History

Please include information about your bird’s personal history, species, sex, age (or approximate age), length of time with you, how the bird joined your family and any other personal history information you are aware of.

Your Family

Parrots form unique relationships with individual family members.  For all human family members or special friends, please list their names, ages, and relationship to you.  Also, describe each person’s relationship with the parrot receiving this session.

If family members are no longer living at home, or a significant person has passed away, please explain this.

If you have other birds, or other animals, in the household please include information about each of them. List their name species (or breed), age and standing in the family.  Describe the relationship each animal has with the one receiving this session.  Including photos of other parrots and companion animals in the family can be very helpful.

Provide as much of this intake information as possible.  This allows us to be thorough and make good use of our time together during your scheduled appointment.

Consultation Length

The initial Health, Diet and Nutrition consultation can take between one and three hours or longer.  The more that needs to be discussed, the longer the entire session will take.  Follow-up appointments are typically half hour to an hour.  Longer follow-up appointments may be scheduled as needed to keep the bird’s healing process moving forward.

Consultation Information For:

Healing Feather Destruction 

Green-checked conure

BEFORE: Elvis, Green-checked conure exhibiting feather destruction habits.

The consultations for Healing Feather Destruction that Leslie provides have three parts: the Intake, the actual Work determining the best plan of action for your parrot, and the Conclusion.

Parrots are emotionally rich and diverse individuals. The work done to heal and resolve feather destruction exemplifies the uniqueness of each bird, of each situation, and of each individual’s remarkable healing capabilities.

Parrots engage in feather destruction as a last resort in an attempt to cope with stress. What is ‘stressful’ to one individual may or may not be stressful to another. When an individual becomes ‘stressed’ the body uses nutrients at an accelerated rate.

Leslie’s consultations for healing feather destruction uses a holistic program because this produces the best results. Feeding your bird the highest quality diet providing balanced nutrition ensures the entire bird is nourished. Belief systems that encourage the destructive behavior must be identified and transformed into supportive life-affirming practices. The stressors adversely effecting the parrot must be identified. And the emotions that reinforce the ‘stressful’ feather destructive habits must be identified and these emotional wounds must be supported in healing.

To insure the entire range of experiences affecting a parrot are identified, Leslie needs to have a clear picture of your bird’s home and environment. This is essential for us to achieve the best results possible with your individual situation.


Intake Information


AFTER: Elvis, Green-cheeked Conure has been on a ‘Balanced Food Plan’ since joining our family.

For the intake please provide a detailed history for your bird. Please see the Intake Information (follow this link) on the ‘Consultation Information For: Health, Diet & Nutrition’ page.

Include your concerns and everything that worries you. Ask any questions you may have and clearly explain the circumstances. If there is a situation or condition in addition to the feather destruction that you want Leslie to work towards resolving please explain this.

If you have the capability to send Leslie a mini video of your bird, that would help greatly. Please include footage of your bird’s home environment, the living area, the bird’s cage, and show the parrot interacting with others. This tape would be reviewed during a part of your scheduled appointment time.

The approach Leslie takes when working to heal feather destruction includes a complete review of the bird’s environment, a full dietary and nutritional evaluation, in conjunction with identifying and working to heal the mental and emotional factors reinforcing the undesired behavior.


Consider Healing & Communication Work

The stressors and the emotional aspects affecting your bird can be identified, and emotional healing can be started, by having Leslie do Healing & Communication Work with them.  Leslie’s Animal Communication and Healing abilities have transformed a wide variety of inappropriate behaviors for a variety of animals. Taking advantage of this healing work that can be done with your bird long distance is your choice, and it can produce transforming results.

For a glimpse into Leslie’s Communication & Healing Work that can help heal and resolve feather destruction behaviors please read: Natural Parrot Care: Healing Feather Destruction, 1 of 7.

For another case study discussing Leslie’s Healing & Communication Work follow this link to: “Healing Emotional Upsets & Behavior Issues at the Source”.


Consultation Length

The initial appointment for Healing Feather Destruction can take between two and a half and five hours or longer. The more that needs to be discussed, the longer the entire session will take. Follow-up appointments are typically half hour to an hour. Longer follow-up appointments may be scheduled as needed to keep the bird’s healing process moving forward.

Consultation Information For:

Improving Behaviors

Many inappropriate behaviors can resolved by proper nutrition. If you have specific behaviors you want to change Leslie can teach you her ‘Positive Focus’ way of speaking with the animals. This process teaches you to talk using words that describe the desired behavior you want to encourage. Since nutrition plays a key role in improving behaviors, please consider scheduling a Health, Diet and Nutrition consultation along with working on improving specific behaviors. Additionally, Leslie’s Animal Communication and Healing abilities, can contribute vital information when working to facilitate the healing process of certain inappropriate behaviors.

Consultation Length

Appointment length varies depending upon the areas being discussed. One hour minimum.

Consultation Information For:

Follow-up and Client Support

Follow-up and Client Support appointments are for those who want to receive the benefits and support that comes from checking in with Leslie about your individual situation. Perhaps you’d like clarity about one of the support techniques you’re learning, or you have questions about a diet change or your supplement plan. A client support appointment helps you keep your parrot’s healing process moving forward

Consultation Length

Follow-up appointments are typically half hour to an hour depending upon the areas being discussed. Longer follow-up appointments may be scheduled as needed to keep the bird’s healing process moving forward.

Consultation Information For:


Q&A appointments are intended as question and answer sessions, the scheduling does not provide the time necessary for addressing complex emotional or health issues that would be better served from scheduling a full health, diet, and nutritional consultation or other full length consultation.

Consultation Length

Brief check-in appointments are 30 or 45 minutes to an hour long and are for answering questions you may have about any situation going on with your parrots.


30 minutes is $35.00              45 minutes is $53.00             60 minutes is $75.00

Please pay for this Q&A appointment in advance. You will be contacted to schedule a day and time.

Each Animal Session Has Three Parts

These three parts are the Intake, the actual Work with your situation and the Conclusion.

Leslie with four of her birds.

Leslie with four of her birds.

The Intake

When you prepare the Intake information please explain everything you are concerned about that you want addressed during the session.  This information is reviewed and if Leslie has any questions you will either have a short conversation with her, or she will ask for more information via email.

Typically, we ask that the Intake information be sent via email or US mail. However, if you prefer the Intake can be done over the telephone.

During the Intake we will schedule the Work and Conclusion segments of your consultation with Leslie.

The Work

This is the segment of you appointment where the actual work is done with your situation.  All of the information you provided during the Intake is reviewed and your specific diet and nutritional plan is created.  Other holistic modalities, nutritional supplements or nutritional or medicinal herbs may also be included in this personal plan for supporting health and wellness for your parrot as needed.

The Conclusion

During the Conclusion everything is explained to you.  For clients within the US this is typically done over the telephone.  You will receive a detailed account of the personal diet, nutrition and healing plan for your bird.

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