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The only bird food whose company owner, Leslie Moran, has received Dr Karen Becker’s ‘Game Changer’ award for her work to end avian malnutrition.

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  • Leslie Moran, a holistic animal nutrition and care consultant, is passionate about ending avian malnutrition in exotic birds, parrots and finches
  • Kevin C. nominated her for a Healthy Pets Animal Game Changer Award for the work she’s doing to teach bird lovers how to feed species-appropriate, whole foods to their pets
  • In her book “Polly Want a Sprout? Sprouting for the New Paradigm in Balanced Exotic Avian Nutrition,” Leslie details basic and essential nutritional elements for birds, including sprouting for parrots, that she hopes will educate pet owners and veterinarians alike
  • She’s also created the Healthy Bird Project, which is working toward identifying the correct combination of foods to make up balanced nutrition for parrot and finch species, which she hopes will ultimately help end avian malnutrition
Kings Row Pet Hospital

“My clients who consistently feed Best Bird Food Ever! as 50% of their bird’s diet have seen a general improvement in the levels of health of these birds.”


Mark Ditsworth, DVM, Kings Row Pet Hospital, Reno, NV

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You’ll receive a copy of two articles, “A Sprouting Controversy – Soaked verses Sprouted” and “The importance of protein in the avian diet”. Both of these articles share vital information for the good health of your birds. Be armed with the facts.

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