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Helping Chili Pepper, a Quaker Parrot

. . We wanted to thank Leslie for all she has done and continues to do for Chili Pepper, my 10-year old Quaker Parrot who has been pulling feathers out of her chest area, legs and thighs. . Working with Leslie has been a very rewarding experience for the both of us.  Leslie has indeed…

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Feeding Parrots: Eliminating Reoccurring Yeast and Bacterial Infections

  This blog post contains a case study from Leslie’s column, ‘The Holistic Parrot’, that appeared in the October 2011, #165 issue of Parrots magazine.   Cycling Infections, Yeast & Bacteria Nutrition Transforms a Life . “The relationship with Lily, my Lilac Crowned Amazon, isn’t effortless like with my other parrots. Interacting with her takes a…

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Healing Feather Destruction

Situation Elvis, a Green Cheeked conure, was given to Leslie in May 2005 because he plucked his feathers, practiced feather destruction habits. His former caretakers knew they could not address his needs and decided it was in his best interest to re-home him. When Leslie first met Elvis he had no conure-appropriate toys in his…

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