Behavior Papaya, a pineapple green-cheeked conure.

Parrots React to Color

This article appears in its entirety in the July, 2021, issue #282, of Parrots magazine . The Holistic Parrot by Leslie Moran . Parrots and Color, Does Your Bird React? This month’s article in my monthly column, ‘The Holistic Parrot’, in Parrot’s magazine, highlights how many people have reported that their parrots react to certain…

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Behavior White-eyed Conure

How Malnutrition Affects Parrot Behavior

What is Malnutrition? To get to the root cause of inappropriate parrot behaviors, we’ve got to talk about avian malnutrition. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, malnutrition is a common and detrimental condition that must be addressed quickly and comprehensively. Malnutrition is a physical state of unbalanced nutrition. It can mean undernutrition or…

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BehaviorNew Food Success sprouts

Be Successful: Parrots & New Foods – Part 2

Slip the New In With the Old One way of introducing sprouts and other new foods, such as fresh fruits and steamed or raw vegetables, is to mix them in with the existing food you’re feeding. Out of curiosity, your bird will being sampling the unfamiliar items, and you can gradually begin to decrease the…

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BehaviorNew Food Success

Be Successful: Parrots & New Foods – Part 1

If you have been encouraged to begin sprouting for your birds, congratulations! Now let’s look at options for helping you teach your parrots to eat the healthier foods you are offering them. If a bird is breeding, or feeding babies, dietary changes must be made slowly. . Your Thoughts On This Before we look at…

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BehaviorTestimonials bird

Leslie’s Methods are Truly Amazing!

.     Leslie’s methods helped me create a better relationship between my new puppy and my older dog. I was shocked at the level of understanding my older dog showed with just my talking to her. Truly amazing!   Hal Geyer Reno, NV ****** Leslie’s Secret for Improving Animal Behaviors >

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BehaviorSuccess Stories Quaker parrot.

Helping Chili Pepper, a Quaker Parrot

. . We wanted to thank Leslie for all she has done and continues to do for Chili Pepper, my 10-year old Quaker Parrot who has been pulling feathers out of her chest area, legs and thighs. . Working with Leslie has been a very rewarding experience for the both of us.  Leslie has indeed…

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Behavior Go-fund-me-image

The Secret to Improving Animal Behaviors

  Whether you’re working with a parrots, dog, cat, horse or Guinea pig there is one secret that works for improving behaviors in animals – acknowledging their sentience and self-awareness. . Sentience Defined The dictionary defines sentience as being able to perceive or feel things.  While self-awareness is the conscious knowledge of one’s own character,…

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What are Flower Essence Blends?

Personalized Flower Essence Blendsx In the holistic work I do with people and their animal companions I have seen personalized flower essence blends play an integral role in each healing and recovery process. x x What Are Flower Essence Blends ? In my work of healing the animals, I use a combination of the Bach…

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BehaviorFeather Destruction Elvis

Natural Parrot Care: Why do Parrots Pick Their Feathers?

This begins a new series discussing how to heal feather destruction habits in parrots. In sharing this information with you I ask you to acknowledge along with me that parrots are intelligent, sentient and self-aware individuals capable of feeling a wide range of human-like emotions. Improper or Imbalanced Nutrition Avian malnutrition, undernutrition and nutritional imbalances…

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BehaviorHealth & NutritionOther Animals Hands-on-healing

Building Good Health

In a group of animals why will one develop symptoms of sickness or disease while the others remain healthy? When wanting to build good health knowing which things to avoid is equally as important as utilizing health promoting natural care methods. The information on this page applies to all animals – parrots and birds of…

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