Learn Leslie’s Approach for Healing
Parrots Naturally

In addition to providing private, personalized consultations, Leslie is also available for speaking engagements as well as for teaching classes and workshops in any area of her work or written article topics.
Topics include, but are not limited to:              
  • “Balanced Exotic Avian Nutrition”
  • “Teaching Your Birds to Eat New Foods”
  • “Talking With Your Birds, as if They Understand You”
  • “Reiki, Level 1 and Level 2

If you live outside of the Northern Nevada area you can bring Leslie to your bird club, your conference or any other event.  While she’s there with you personalized consultations can also be scheduled. Experience the enthusiasm of learning from Leslie face-to-face.

Leslie Moran

Holistic Animal Nutrition & Care Consultant

Please request more information: Mail: lesliebbfe@gmail.com