Health & Nutrition Balanced Macaw meal.

Feeding Parrots: The Value of Complete Protein

  Many Pretty Food Pictures, Lack Complete Protein Among many parrot related websites I often see photos and ingredient lists of the foods these people feed and recommend feeding parrots.  Although the pictures are colorful and the ingredients are basic, it’s immediately clear to me that these authors know very little about the nutrition our…

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Health & NutritionSprouting Q&A 1# and 5# Bags Original and Wheat

Sprouting Blend Ingredients – Original or Wheat-Free

x Sprouting Blend Ingredients All our Sprouting Blends have been especially formulated to provide the highest level of nutrition possible for your birds. Our proprietary formulas contain complete protein. x WHY FEED OUR SPROUTING BLENDS ? x Our Original Sprouting Blend – pictured here Contains a proprietary blend of 100% Organic Human-Grade quality ingredients: lentils,…

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Health & NutritionSprouting Q&A Crimson-winged Parrot, hen,

Feeding Parrots, Properly Grown Sprouts

x x For your birds to receive the highest level of nutrition possible from sprouts, the sprouting blends you use must have these three qualities. 1. Made from high quality certified organic ingredients. 2. Be well formulated to provide complete protein. 3. And must be able to grow for at least two to three days.…

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Health & NutritionSprouting Q&A BBFE OSB

What is Sprouting?

To describe what sprouting is we must define the words – soaking and germination.   Soaking is the process of putting any sproutable food – seeds, grains, legumes or nuts – in water for a period of time.  When a seed is soaked it absorbs water.  This triggers biochemical reactions inside the seed and germination…

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Health & Nutrition Crimson-winged parrot, male.

Nutritional Daily Requirements for Parrots

This blog contains excerpts from my column, ‘The Holistic Parrot’,  that appears in the March 2011, #158 issue of Parrots magazine.   x Nutritional Daily Requirements – Determining Minimum, Recommended and Optimal Levels The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) published a preliminary report in 1998 titled, “Nutrition Expert Panel Review, New Rules for…

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BehaviorHealth & NutritionOther Animals Hands-on-healing

Building Good Health

In a group of animals why will one develop symptoms of sickness or disease while the others remain healthy? When wanting to build good health knowing which things to avoid is equally as important as utilizing health promoting natural care methods. The information on this page applies to all animals – parrots and birds of…

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Health & NutritionParrots Magazine

Cataract Reversal

x A Diet for Health and Healing This article contains excerpts from my column, ‘The Holistic Parrot’,  that appears in the February 2011, #157 issue of Parrots magazine. x xThe dictionary defines health as the general condition of the body or mind, being free from disease or ailment, while also possessing vigor and vitality.  But…

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Health & NutritionMalnutrition White-eyed Conure

What is Avian Malnutrition?

A Condition That Must Be Addressed Quickly According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, malnutrition is a common and detrimental condition that must be addressed quickly and comprehensively. Avian malnutrition cannot be diagnosed using blood work because blood work is used for identifying disease conditions. The easiest way to identify avian malnutrition is by…

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