Nutritional Chart for Best Bird Food Ever

Our Sprouting Blends, the Nutrients They Provide We’ve made Balanced Avian Nutrition Easy for You! Recent nutritional analysis of the Best Bird Food Ever! Complete Protein Sprouting Blends using USDA Nutritional Database SR-21 affirms that this sprouting blends contains nearly all of the hundreds of nutrients a bird needs to eat everyday for good health…

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Health & NutritionParrots Magazine Sir Charles sprouts

Feeding Parrots: Avian Probiotics

. What Are Probiotics? The poultry industry defines probiotics as “a culture of specific living microorganisms which beneficially affects the host animal by improving its intestinal microbial balance”. (1) . In broiler nutrition, probiotic species belonging to Lactobacillus, Streptococcus, Bacillus, Bifidobacterium, Enterococcus, and Saccharomyces have been shown to produce a beneficial effect on broiler performance.…

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BehaviorHealth & NutritionSuccess Stories Green-checked conure

Healing Feather Destruction

Situation Elvis, a Green Cheeked conure, was given to Leslie in May 2005 because he plucked his feathers, practiced feather destruction habits. His former caretakers knew they could not address his needs and decided it was in his best interest to re-home him. When Leslie first met Elvis he had no conure-appropriate toys in his…

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Health & Nutrition Crimson-winged Parrot, hen,

Flocking Together, the Need For Balanced Avian Nutrition

‘Old Bird Feeding Customs’ Due to the flirtations of a male Crimson-winged parrot, he and his hen were the first birds to join my family. With them in my life I quickly discovered how little information there was available on using natural and holistic care methods with birds. Even more discouraging was the seemingly rote…

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