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Our Sprouting Blends Judged Best in UK

In the November, 2016,  issue of Parrots magazine Terry Goldsmith shares his sprouting experiences.   According to Terry, “There are many different varieties of sprouts on the market and it is essential to buy a good quality mix.” Terry continues, “I have used many brought from different sources, but have found Leslie Moran’s ‘Best Bird…

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GSE, Over 80 Labs Find it Safe and Effective

. According to Allan Sachs, DC, CCN, in his book, “ The Authoritative Guide to Grapefruit Seed Extract”, GSE is a broad spectrum product that has the ability to work against a wide range of organisms. Hundreds of laboratory tests have shown it is powerful, safe and effective against dangerous germs even when highly diluted.…

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Food As Medicine

“Food as Medicine”, by Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD “How to use diet, vitamins, juices and herbs for a healthier, happier, longer life,”  this is what the author promises.   According to Dr Khalsa, food is the original medicine, food is our best medicine. This book is grounded in science and is an easy to use…

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Feeding Parrots: Never Feed Garlic, Onions or Leeks

  These common vegetables belong to the onion genus, Allium, one of the largest categories of plants in the world. This genera was originally classified in the lily family (Liliaceae). However, in 2009 it was reclassified and is now the subfamily Allioideae of the Amaryllidaceae family.   Why Run the Risk of Injuring Your Birds?…

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