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What is Sprouting?

To describe what sprouting is we must define the words – soaking and germination.   Soaking is the process of putting any sproutable food – seeds, grains, legumes or nuts – in water for a period of time.  When a seed is soaked it absorbs water.  This triggers biochemical reactions inside the seed and germination…

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Sprouting Q&A OSB Kit with Glass Jar

Learning to Sprout

Sprouting really is a simple process that’s easy to learn.  However, most people get into trouble by trying to learn about sprouting from the information on websites. The reason this creates problems is that these websites are describing the sprouting method the works for them and where they live.  Even if you happened to live…

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Sprouting Q&A OSB Sprouts

Sprouting Blends – Expected Rate of Use

x Our Original Sprouting and Wheat-Free Sprouting Blends. x Initial Setup: If you are new to sprouting our Complete Sprouting Kit is for you. x x xIf you are new to sprouting Purchase either or 1# or a 5# Complete Sprouting Kit. Select the best size for the number of birds you care for. This…

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