In Harmony w/ Nature Less is more.

What is Holistic Health Care for Parrots?

Did you know that diet can affect an animal’s behavior? Have you considered that emotions and behavior can influence health and illness? There are as many different definitions describing holistic health care as there are people embracing its restorative manner. To me, utilizing a holistic approach involves recognizing that our animal companions are holistic beings.…

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HealingIn Harmony w/ Nature

Moran Mochaya

Supportive Healing Work for Your Critter Kids Over the past 27 years I have developed specific processes for restoring an animal’s inner strength from the inside out: emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Initially, I thought these were only visualizations for building and nurturing an animal’s self confidence and self esteem. However, it was soon recognized…

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HealingIn Harmony w/ Nature Reiki

About Reiki

One of the qualities that connects us with all other life on this planet is that each of us possess the innate ability to heal. If injured, our bodies mend, if our spirits are saddened through a loss, with time we do recover. For those drawn to reacquaint themselves with the healer already present, yet…

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Feather DestructionIn Harmony w/ Nature White-eyed Conure

About Healing Feather Destruction

Parrots are emotionally rich and diverse individuals. The work done to heal and resolve feather destruction exemplifies the uniqueness of each bird, of each situation, and of each individual’s remarkable healing capabilities. Parrots engage in feather destruction as a last resort in an attempt to cope with stress. What is ‘stressful’ to one individual may…

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