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Feeding Parrots: Eliminating Reoccurring Yeast and Bacterial Infections

  This blog post contains a case study from Leslie’s column, ‘The Holistic Parrot’, that appeared in the October 2011, #165 issue of Parrots magazine.   Cycling Infections, Yeast & Bacteria Nutrition Transforms a Life . “The relationship with Lily, my Lilac Crowned Amazon, isn’t effortless like with my other parrots. Interacting with her takes a…

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What are Flower Essence Blends?

Personalized Flower Essence Blendsx In the holistic work I do with people and their animal companions I have seen personalized flower essence blends play an integral role in each healing and recovery process. x x What Are Flower Essence Blends ? In my work of healing the animals, I use a combination of the Bach…

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Natural Parrot Care: Why do Parrots Pick Their Feathers?

This begins a new series discussing how to heal feather destruction habits in parrots. In sharing this information with you I ask you to acknowledge along with me that parrots are intelligent, sentient and self-aware individuals capable of feeling a wide range of human-like emotions. Improper or Imbalanced Nutrition Avian malnutrition, undernutrition and nutritional imbalances…

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Feeding Parrots: Are Tomatoes Safe?

  This blog post contains excerpts  from my column, ‘The Holistic Parrot’, that appears in the June 2011, #161 issue of  Parrots magazine.   Wild Birds Know, Leave Nightshade Family Alone Daily I can have up to 100 wild birds patiently waiting for their sprouts to be sprinkled at their designated feeding area.  These wild…

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