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Leslie’s Methods are Truly Amazing!

.     Leslie’s methods helped me create a better relationship between my new puppy and my older dog. I was shocked at the level of understanding my older dog showed with just my talking to her. Truly amazing!   Hal Geyer Reno, NV ****** Leslie’s Secret for Improving Animal Behaviors >

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GSE, Over 80 Labs Find it Safe and Effective

. According to Allan Sachs, DC, CCN, in his book, “ The Authoritative Guide to Grapefruit Seed Extract”, GSE is a broad spectrum product that has the ability to work against a wide range of organisms. Hundreds of laboratory tests have shown it is powerful, safe and effective against dangerous germs even when highly diluted.…

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BehaviorSuccess Stories Quaker parrot.

Helping Chili Pepper, a Quaker Parrot

. . We wanted to thank Leslie for all she has done and continues to do for Chili Pepper, my 10-year old Quaker Parrot who has been pulling feathers out of her chest area, legs and thighs. . Working with Leslie has been a very rewarding experience for the both of us.  Leslie has indeed…

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The Secret to Improving Animal Behaviors

  Whether you’re working with a parrots, dog, cat, horse or Guinea pig there is one secret that works for improving behaviors in animals – acknowledging their sentience and self-awareness. . Sentience Defined The dictionary defines sentience as being able to perceive or feel things.  While self-awareness is the conscious knowledge of one’s own character,…

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Testimonials Pearly Conures, enjoying our sprouting blends.

Rosemary Low: Your Sprouting Mixes are Excellent!

February 17, 2012   Dear Leslie,   I found your sprouting mixes excellent. Indeed, when I spoke about Parrot Nutrition at the Think Parrots meeting, Mike Taylor of Northern Parrots told me he had a big rush on sprouting mixtures afterwards! One comment I received, was that the sprouted grains I showed in my photo…

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Testimonials 7 Budgies

My 7 Budgies Wait for Your Sprouts!

. Hi Leslie,   This is my second order from you … I’ve been using sprouts for about a year now. My 7 budgies wait in line every morning for them!   Yes, please post this to your website, it would help budgie owners feed their babies food that’s healthy for them.   Glad you’re…

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