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Feeding Parrots: Are Tomatoes Safe?

  This blog post contains excerpts  from my column, ‘The Holistic Parrot’, that appears in the June 2011, #161 issue of  Parrots magazine.   Wild Birds Know, Leave Nightshade Family Alone Daily I can have up to 100 wild birds patiently waiting for their sprouts to be sprinkled at their designated feeding area.  These wild…

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Parrots MagazineSupplements Eckkie Hen sprouts

Feeding Parrots, Over-Supplementation Malnutrition

  This blog contains excerpts from my column, ‘The Holistic Parrot’, that appears in the April 2011, #159 issue of  Parrots magazine. ** Information update, since this blog was originally written and posted I have created a ‘Balanced Exotic Avian Food Plan’. When feeding the foods in this plan avian vitamin supplements are completely unnecessary,…

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Health & NutritionParrots Magazine

Cataract Reversal

x A Diet for Health and Healing This article contains excerpts from my column, ‘The Holistic Parrot’,  that appears in the February 2011, #157 issue of Parrots magazine. x xThe dictionary defines health as the general condition of the body or mind, being free from disease or ailment, while also possessing vigor and vitality.  But…

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ConservationParrots Magazine Yellow-eared parrots at nesting cavity.

Coffee & Parrot Conservation

  Coffee & Parrot Conservation . If you drink coffee, love parrots and want to prevent their natural habits from being destroyed the type of coffee you buy can make all the difference between the extinction of a species or its survival.  How can the type of coffee people drink be so important?  Have you…

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Organic is EssentialParrots Magazine Maria-Strawberry

Why Feed Your Birds Organic

**With the updated information coming out in the Sprouting Book revision, it’s more important than ever, to feed your parrots and finches organic foods.**(Feb. 19, 2019.) Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you have the latest details on when this book is available.   When grocery shopping for your parrots do you…

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Health & NutritionParrots Magazine Sir Charles sprouts

Feeding Parrots: Avian Probiotics

. What Are Probiotics? The poultry industry defines probiotics as “a culture of specific living microorganisms which beneficially affects the host animal by improving its intestinal microbial balance”. (1) . In broiler nutrition, probiotic species belonging to Lactobacillus, Streptococcus, Bacillus, Bifidobacterium, Enterococcus, and Saccharomyces have been shown to produce a beneficial effect on broiler performance.…

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Parrots MagazineSupplements Liquid DMG

DMG and Birds

Originally published in Parrots magazine, April 2006, issue #99 in my monthly column The Holistic Parrot When feeding parrots a balance of foods that provides balanced nutrition, supplements are not needed. DMG is one of the few supplements  I use and suggest avian caregivers use in very specific situations. DMG, A Nutrient Breakthrough From wild…

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