Polly Want a Sprout? Sprouting for Parrots


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When you buy your copy here your book will be addressed to you and signed by the author. A full 415 pages packed with information that will guide you in using wholesome real foods for making a positive difference in the life and health of all your feathered kids. 


Formerly: “The Complete Guide to Successful Sprouting for Parrots, and Everyone Else in the Family”.


Polly Want a Sprout?

Sprouting for The New Paradigm

in Balanced Exotic Avian Nutrition

(Sprouting for Parrots)

This book has been completely revised. It contains nine exciting new chapters, 14 chapters in all. Essential reading for everyone who cares about the health of their parrots and finches. 

The information this book contains provides the foundation

for Leslie’s, “Balanced Exotic Avian Maintenance Diet Food Plan”.


Learn the answers to these vital questions:

• — Did you know that complete protein is essential for your bird’s good health?

• — Do you know what foods to feed to provide your birds complete protein?

• — Did you know soak and feed pseudo-sprouting blends are no better than dry seed?

• — Do you know why bird seed is so bad for your birds?

• — Sprouts and foodborne illness, learn the facts about this?

• — Do you sprout using GSE (grapefruit seed extract)? Learn why you should.

• — Do you know how to teach you flock to eat healthier foods? This chapter will tell you all the secrets.

Discover the answers to all these questions, and much, much more.


Take a peak inside:

New Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Complete Revised – Why Feed Sprouts? Sprouting for parrots.

Gain a clear understanding of the link between feeding a balance of healthy foods, built around a properly formulated and grown sprouting blend, and your bird’s good health — or lack of it.


Chapter 2

NEW – Which is More Nutritious? Soaked Seed or Properly Grown Sprouts? Sprouting for parrots.

Learn about an essential part of Leslie’s, “Balanced Exotic Avian Maintenance Diet Food Plan”. It is important to remove the unhealthy, but commonly fed foods, out of your bird’s diet. This chapter points out the nutritional short comings of ‘soak and feed’ bird food products.


Chapter 3

NEW – Mistakes Researchers Make When Sprouting – Sprouting for parrots.

A few years ago I had an experienced aviculturist exclaim that sprouts were no better than feeding dry seeds, because he had researched the topic online. This statement started my thought processes, as I wondered where he had found this information. The facts I learned when researching this subject are presented here.


Chapter 4

NEWThe Problem with Feeding Bird Seed

Learn about another essential part of Leslie’s, “Balanced Exotic Avian Maintenance Diet Food Plan”. You’ve got to stop feeding the unhealthy, but commonly fed foods, to your bird. Did you know dry seeds can harm your birds? Learn the facts here.


Chapter 5 Sprouting for Parrots

NEW – The Importance of Complete Protein, Myths verses the Facts

One of the most essential nutrients missing from all other bird food products sold today is Complete Protein. In this chapter discover the truth about why your birds need complete protein for their good health.


Chapter 6

NEW – Why Your Need Good Quality Water 

Clean water is an essential nutrient for our birds, ourselves and our families. Learn the truth about the pollution in our water supplies and easy ways to resolve this problem for your home.


Chapter 7

NEW – My Personal Experience with Reverse Osmosis Treated Water

Read about Leslie’s first hand account as she discovered the dangers of drinking RO (reverse Osmosis) treated water. Prevent unnecessary avian deaths in your household.


Chapter 8 Sprouting for Parrots

Completely Revised – Organic or Commercial Foods, Is There a Difference?

Much progress has been made on documenting the nutritionally superior benefits of eating and feeding your birds organically grown foods, learn the details here.


Chapter 9

NEW – Sprouts, Bacteria and Food-borne Illness, What’s Going On Here?

This chapter was created because one person had emailed Leslie about the concerns he had about sprouts harming his parrots. Food-borne illness is a serious worldwide problem. Learn the truth here and what can be done about it.


Chapter 10

NEW – Why Sprout Using GSE

Gain up to date information on GSE (grapefruit seed extract). Scientists around the world are discovering an infinite number of uses for this completely natural and nontoxic compound, that is an effective antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antiparasitic product.


Chapter 11

Completely Revised – Successful Sprouting for Parrots

Since the first edition of this book was written, Leslie has corresponded with numerous people around the world on the subject of growing sprouts. Learn what she learned from these valuable experiences so you can be successful when sprouting for your flock.


Chapter 12

Completely Revised – Caring for Your Sprouts, Sprouting for Parrots

Learn how simple and easy it is to care for your sprouts after you’ve grown them.


Chapter 13

Completely Revised – Teaching Your Flock to Eat Healthier Foods

Leslie has become very skilled at teaching parrot caregivers to be successful when teaching their birds to eat new, healthier, foods. This completely revised chapter is packed full of her tips and processes so that you too can get these same great results with your birds.


Chapter 14

NEW – Why I Created the Best Bird Food Ever! Sprouting Blends

Because of the mis-information Leslie was given on avian nutrition, when she first started keeping parrots and finches, she wanted to better understand why the parrots she had purchased for breeding died or suffered serious health issues. Leslie’s life’s work of Ending Avian Malnutrition started here. Read her story.


Every purchase supports Leslie’s nutrition and holistic healing work with parrots and finches.

Become a part of our family, buy and feed Best Bird Food Ever!

1 review for Polly Want a Sprout? Sprouting for Parrots

  1. sasamuell46 (verified owner)

    This book helped me understand the tried and true recipe for healthy pet birds – whatever their species would be.

    It uses readily available scientific data to discuss holistic solutions that anyone can take advantage of, and focuses on preventing (and reversing) disease by establishing a series of foods for building good health and wellbeing, while avoiding common toxic exposures.

    Furthermore, it exposes the old perspectives on bird caring that are proven to be harming our birds and causing a malnutrition epidemic.
    I learned how to sprout for my birds to establish a wholesome foundation for their well-being. Additionally, the information in this book is very accessible, and easy to read and understand. Even the scientific explanations!

    This books nudges oneself to embark in a journey of personal healing along with our birds, as the knowledge it provides has a meaningful influence in our lives.

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