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Best Parrot Light: Must Know Info

      Did you know that instead of using potentially dangerous vitamin D3 supplements, that there is a simpler and easier way – using proper lighting, the best parrot light – to ensure your birds get this essential nutrient?         In Leslie’s Article, “Avian Lighting: Essential, Simple and Easy”, you’ll learn:…

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Feather Destruction Quaker Parrot

Quaker Mutilation Syndrome (QMS)-Study

Do You Know Someone Struggling with QMS? (No Mutilation Photos in this Post) Rare Opportunity—Become Part of a Groundbreaking Study Background Leslie may have found a nutritional ‘cure’ for Quaker Mutilation Syndrome and other feather destruction behaviors. Leslie’s approach is 100% natural using only wholesome, organic, natural foods. In writing her articles for Parrots magazine…

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