Recipes BBFE mash.

Feeding Parrots: BBFE Mash

  Feeding Parrots: Feed this In Place of Pellets The Ideal Cooked Mash   Did you know that when cooked–NOT SPROUTED–the Best Bird Food Ever! (BBFE) Complete Protein Sprouting Blends make the perfect mash for your birds? I’ve been feeding this in place of pellets since 2013. In response to the numerous emails we’ve received…

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Health & Nutrition OSB Sprouts

Why Feed Our Sprouting Blends

  Using diet and nutrition for healing and health is the foundation of my work with parrots and all birds. I want to make it easy for you to provide your birds the highest quality, sprouting blends available. And I want you to be successful in learning to sprout the correct way for the climate where…

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Health & Nutrition Sample: a balanced meal for a pair of Crimson-winged parrots.

How  Does  Avian  Malnutrition  Harm  Your  Birds?

  Avian Malnutrition Defined In the avian veterinary textbook, Avian Medicine: Principles and Application, Patricia MacWhirter, DVM, explains, “Avian malnutrition [or undernutrition] can cause a specific problem or [completely] suppress a bird’s immune system.” Unless a parrot, or finch, receives the type and quantity of nutrients needed on a daily basis, malnutrition or undernutrition will result.…

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Malnutrition OSB Sprouts

Let’s End Avian Malnutrition!

  End Avian Malnutrition With Our ‘Balanced Exotic Avian  Food Plan’   The only way to End Avian Malnutrition for your birds is to feed them a specific combination and balance of foods everyday that provides these three things: 1. The hundreds of nutrients a parrot or finch must eat everyday must be in a…

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HealingOther Animals Reiki

Reiki Animal Initiations

Reiki Animal Initiations The universal life energy present in all living beings is the healing force that is accessed when either giving or receiving a Reiki treatment. Since Reiki has the ability to affect healing on a mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual level the animals who have been initiated in Reiki are able to receive…

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