Maltodextrin-Bad For Parrots

While most people think that ‘Parrot Supplements’ are good for their birds, it’s essential to read the ‘fine print’ on the label. When you start reading labels you’ll quickly understand that many parrot supplements contain unhealthy ‘filler’ ingredients masquerading as something that is supposed to be healthy for your birds. Maltodextrin is just one of…

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Made in Nevada: Critter Connection

RENO, NV. (KOLO) — A Reno woman says she has developed the perfect bird food, which she calls “Best Bird Food Ever“. She has bred and studied the nutrition for these animals for more than two decades and in that time says she has discovered some fatal nutritional problems. Critter Connection Owner and maker of…

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Feather Destruction

Over Preening vs Poor Feather Quality

 The parrot discussed in this blog post is a member of the Healthy Bird Project. What is ‘over preening’? Many people assume that parrots are just too rough with their feathers. As a result, poor nutrition is never identified as the true cause. Feathers grown from unbalanced nutrition produce poor feather quality. And this means…

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