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Feeding Parrots: Never Feed Garlic, Onions or Leeks

  These common vegetables belong to the onion genus, Allium, one of the largest categories of plants in the world. This genera was originally classified in the lily family (Liliaceae). However, in 2009 it was reclassified and is now the subfamily Allioideae of the Amaryllidaceae family.   Why Run the Risk of Injuring Your Birds?…

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Health & NutritionSprouting Q&A Sample of a 'Balanced' meal for a medium-sized parrot.

Feeding Parrots: Photos of Nutritious Meals

  I begin every personalized avian nutrition consultation by explaining the importance of having a properly formulated, properly grown sprouting blend make up at least 50 % of the bird’s diet.   When I say properly formulated and properly grown, I mean a sprouting blend that has been formulated to provide complete protein and on…

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Health & NutritionMalnutrition Yellow-eared parrots at nesting cavity.

Feeding Parrots: Nutrition Essential for Good Health

When wanting to keep our parrots healthy so many people focus on avoiding the pathogens. However, we live on a planet that’s full of them: aspergillosis, candida, bacteria, viral infections and the like.  Aspergillosis and candida are ubiquitous … meaning they are everywhere. Aspergillosis is most commonly found in garden soil and compost.   Aspergillosis–Everywhere…

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Testimonials Aloysius-Male Eclectus

All My Birds LOVE Your Sprouting Blends!

I have used your sprout mix for over a year now–probably closer to two. I love them… over the years I have used other sprouting mixes, but this one pleases all my guys – everyone from macaw to Eclectus all love them. Now my Bartleby, my Nanday, He’s a very picky boy – I have no…

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