Organic is Essential USDA Organic Seal.

USDA Certified Organic – What Does This Mean?

  On May 3, 2010 Critter Connection Inc, the manufacturer of the Best Bird Food Ever!™  became a USDA Certified Organic handling and packaging facility. This certification transformed our bird food sprouting blends from a product ‘made with organic ingredients’, to a USDA Certified Organic product. n But What Does This Really Mean In order for…

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Health & Nutrition BBFE Nutrients

Nutritional Chart for Best Bird Food Ever

Our Sprouting Blends, the Nutrients They Provide We’ve made Balanced Avian Nutrition Easy for You! Recent nutritional analysis of the Best Bird Food Ever! Complete Protein Sprouting Blends using USDA Nutritional Database SR-21 affirms that this sprouting blends contains nearly all of the hundreds of nutrients a bird needs to eat everyday for good health…

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