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Our most popular size. Our 25# box saves you money as you feed the best sprouting blend for parrots. If you’re a wheat-free household, this sprouting blend is for you.



Our Most Popular Size.

25 lbs. Signature Wheat-Free Sprouting Blend

  • Mixed and packaged in a durable box specifically for your order, so you receive our freshest ingredients.
  • Formulated to provide Complete Protein
  • Has a compatible germination and growth rate, will grow for 2 to 3 days to reach optimum nutrition.
  • Box measures 12″ square by 6.5″ tall. We double box and double bag with zip tie closure for safety during shipping.
  • Each box is labeled on an inside flap with the Best by Date and Lot Code.


Our Wheat-Free Sprouting Blend Contains a proprietary blend of 100% Organic Human-Grade quality ingredients: lentils, buckwheat,  brown rice and mung beans.


This 25# box is yours for $225.00
Prices includes Free Shipping to US address.
Lowers your cost to only $9 per pound
Can be easily stored in sealed containers

Super Saver 25# Box Wheat-Free Sprouting Blend with Free Shipping


Because all our sprouting products are USDA Certified Organic, we do not allow returns or refunds. If you have challenges when sprouting BBFE! — Please email us, and we will help you identify the reasons for your difficulties, and will help you sprout successfully.


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